4th International Congress of Eurasian Archaeology has been completed in Azerbaijan

 AzerTag reports that during the last day of the conference which was attended by representatives of archaeological research centers, state officials, historians and international tourism experts from Turkey, Russia, Italy, Uzbekistan and other countries, archaeological tourism, archaeological and ethnographic tourism development perspectives were discussed. 

Begul Ozkoja from Turkey reported on “Alacahöyük Museum: the important place held by this museum in archeological tourism”; Koray Alper-“Kash Underwater Archaeopark Project”; Mehmet Rihtim-“Sufic monuments in Azerbaijan: Cloisters and Tekye”; Andrey Borodovskiy from Russian Federation “Integration of archaeological legacy of Mountainous Altai into the tourism infrastructure”; Elena Popravko “the role of museums in the research and popularization of the archaeological heritage of the Russian Far East”; Elena Koveshnikova 
“Archaeological tourism in the Kuzbass”; Kamil Ibrahimov from Azerbaijan- “Archaeo-park in Icherisheher”; Jafar GIYASI- “Shamakhi Juma Mosque – prayer site of thirteen century”; Nargiz Quliyeva- “Encroachment of Armenia into Azerbaijan and its influence to family and social relations of the Azerbaijanis, lived in Armenia” and others made reports on the theme.
The speakers bringing into notice existence of sufficiently large potential for the development of archaeological tourism in Eurasian space noted successful results gained in some places in this domain and indicated there is too much work to be done in the line of establishment of tourism complexes in large-scale archaeological camps and old cities kept under cultural layers; improvement of their infrastructure and turning historical and cultural monuments into tourism object as the last result of these events.
Exchange of views on creation of children museums in Far East, the project on Altai tourism field covered 1000 kilometer distance, successes of Alahoyuk Museum since 1834 archaeological researches, underwater tourism in Turkey, projects intended in this domain in Azerbaijan, importance of Icherisheher archaeo-park from touristic viewpoint was held at the conference. 
It is noted at the conference that conservation has special importance during archaeological research. Within this term, significance of the done work at medieval Agsu town tourism complex was noted as the sample. 
Chief of Agsu archaeological expedition, Doctor of Historical Sciences Gafar Jabiyev spoke about state care of archaeological research and development of archaeological tourism and brought into notice functioning of archaeological expeditions in 40 sites and dealt with urgency of conduct of conservation work in some historical places.   
Important results of benefit from Turkish experience in conservation field were told during the event. 
During the conference there was underscored particular significance of making use of mutual experience on cooperation and arrangement of archaeological tourism in implementation of archaeological research in Eurasian space and the organizers of 4th International Congress of Eurasian archaeology held in Azerbaijan were expressed gratitude. It was noted the event’s particular importance included acquaintance with scientists and experts; presentation of books on archaeological research conducted in separate regions in Eurasian space and decisions on future cooperation.
On the last day of the conference the participants familiarized with Ismayilly City and visited Haydar Aliyev Center, history and local lore museum and Ivanovka Village. 
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